We are Founders’ Partners,
Company Builders and Value Investors


Gaurav and Pradeep digitalized trucking industry

Souq al Mal

Ambareen brought insurance online


Mark, Jad, Nadine and Danny made investing
easy and affordable

Lunch On

Mohammed and Dana use AI to recommend the best meal options at economical price

Smart Crowd

Siddiq, Musfique and AK democratized real estate investments

Impact Guru

Piyush and Khushboo empowered each and
everyone to donate online

Joi Gifts

Alper and Ritesh made gifting a unique experience

Rent Sher

Harsh, Vaibhav, Purvashi and Anubha made renting anything and everything possible

Pure Harvest

Sky, Mahmoud and Robert grow fresh fruits and vegetables in the middle of the desert

Tank Utility

Amos and Nick made tank monitors smart and connected

Luma Health

Adnan, Aditya and Dr. Tashfeen simplified access to healthcare

Spry Health

PJ and Elad connected your health to a wristband


Morrad and Sharene made second-hand sales seamless


Joy launched and scaled multiple brands
without owning a single kitchen



Our team reflects our mandate - global talents
We bring a broad range of technology, tech-enabled services, healthcare & consumer
private equity investment & entrepreneurial experience

  • Shane Shin

  • Mahmoud Adi

  • Abdul Hameed Arwani

  • Kunal Savjani

  • Himag Vaidya

  • Wendy Sfeir

  • Stephen George

  • Matthew Tabbiner

Dreamers, Founders,
Entrepreneurs and Investors

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